Greetings growers across North America. Welcome to California Substrates, the New Benchmark in Coco Coir.

California Substrates was born out of the desire to provide growers with the very best in Coco Coir grow media. Whilst we are relatively new to the North American retail market, we are not new to growing. We’ve worked with commercial produce & flower growers collectively for several decades and after successfully seeing commercial agronomists get a substantial increase in yields using our Coco next to all other brands, many coming from Holland, we decided to take our Coco into the retail hydroponics market.

Simply put, growers are seeing a solid increase in yields in their operation due to two primary differentiating factors:

1. No CalMag Needed
To be straight, we do not add any gimmicks to our Coco, such as Calcium Nitrate, to solve the challenge of high sodium and potassium levels naturally found in Coco. Instead, we created a proprietary buffering process using earth friendly compounds, eliminating the need for additional CalMag or coco specific nutes resulting in immediate cost savings for growers. We like to say “Feed your plants, not your Coco”.

2. No Amendments Like Perlite or Hydroton Necessary
Coco is a beautiful grow media to use. Its clean, pure, natural & we wanted to remove the need to add amendments to allow for more aggressive feeding routines. To make this happen, we remove the fine coco dust during manufacturing process. This means, growers can feed several times a day without the need for amendments. A pure grow media that is incredibly forgiving that allows growers to feed their plants several times per day resulting in bigger yields.

Launching on the west coast in Los Angeles, California in late 2014, we’re a small team of passionate growers whom strongly support the medical cannabis industry. Our team is small and we are all owners of California Substrates so when you talk to us, your talking to the right people. We make ourselves available to all growers via email, our website, social media such as Facebook and Instagram and of course, telephone. Whether you are a grower thinking about a change or a retail sales rep wanting to better understand Coco grow media and the differences, our team is available to chat – we like to make business personal.

Our factory in Vietnam is also a family run business that we have known intimately for many years. The factory supports the local community & offers long-term and stable employment for many.

So if you haven’t tried California Substrates Coco yet, then give us a call at (213) 375-5950 or fire us an email and lets get you going with the New Benchmark in Coco Coir.