Another unique benefit of using California Substrates Coco is the fact that you can root clones directly into the coco as it comes in the bag with literally no shock. There are numerous advantages to cloning directly in your coco; whether it’s eliminating the need for problematic humidity domes or; increasing productivity by ending transplanting trauma on the plants, professional growers are raving about the benefits. Save time, money & buy an extra few days of yield.

Here’s how to do it:

1)  Fill a seeding tray with California Substrates Coco.

2) Wet thoroughly with R/O water ph 5.7.

3) Pack the coco tightly into the seeding trays.

4) Use a small screwdriver (or similar tool) to poke a guide hole in each tray.

5) Place the cutting into the guide hole and pack the coco tightly around the cutting.

6) In extremely dry climates a humidity dome may be used in the first 24 hours, but it shouldn’t be necessary afterwards.

7) In 8-10 days you can expect results, maybe a bit longer with woody cuts. Take care when removing rooted clones from trays, plant immediately and thoroughly water with 1/4 strength nutrient.

Happy Growing from the California Substrates Team!