Meet Mark Wittman, Partner & Agronomist.

Mark is by far the most skilled in our California Substrates family. when it comes to Coconut Coir.

Wisdom, knowledge & experience are the traits one finds in Mark when discussing growing of any type. He has over 30 years growing experience. He’s been involved with Coconut Coir since the late 90‘s & has lead Coir R&D for many companies in Australia & North America. He has designed & setup multiple Coconut Coir manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka, India & Vietnam. Most of all, Mark was the key Agronomist & technical strategist behind the design of California Substrates coconut coir. His experience in setting up different facilities throughout Asia & advising various commercial agriculture operations brought him to our design – the perfect recipe designed for professional growers who want maximum feeding capability & an incredibly forgiving product. 

Mark was educated with two degrees at Minnesota University in Agriculture & Forestry. Over his career he has worked in various lead roles such as Head Grower, Agronomist & Technical Advisor and during this time has seen growing transition to a whole new level in business.

Mark is a very laid back chap. His wife is Australian, he’s spent quite a lot of time in Asia on business & these days, he’s either working with California Substrates customers & growers or busy on his farm in Minnesota. 

Mark Is always available to chat to growers, our retail partners, customers  & any other interested parties. Feel free to get in touch.