California Substrates was founded by a small group of entrepreneurs who came together through their passion for hydroponics & cultivation several years ago in Vietnam. Launching in sunny Los Angeles, California during the fall of 2014, California Substrates Coco Coir is now available nationwide.


We created a proprietary buffering process using natural compounds from the earth, eliminating the need for Coco specific nutes. Feed your plants, not your Coco.

To be respected, known & used by all professional growers in North America.

Our mission at California Substrates is to provide growers with the very best grow media for their operation.

Whilst California Substrates is new to the North American market since 2014, our team is not & nor is our Coconut Coir. We have been growing collectively for more than 50 years. Our Agronomist has been growing for over 30 years commercially & has designed, setup & managed multiple Coir processing facilities for other companies in India, Sri Lanka & Vietnam. The rest of the team are passionate growers who all share a collective vision to work with growers around the world to get bigger yields harvest after harvest.
High quality & consistency are the key foundations in ensuring you receive the very best in Coconut Coir. We have one factory & a bag from every pallet leaving our facility is tested to ensure it is balanced just right. Being a family run business in Vietnam, all our staff are tight, passionate about what we do & constantly being supported to ensure growers receive the very best in Coco Coir.
Our facility is based along the beautiful Mekong Delta in Tra Vinh, Vietnam. We partnered with an Australian & Vietnamese family and designed the very best processes to create a new benchmark of Coconut Coir. All our staff enjoy a hardworking but family driven environment. We believe in a good balance of family & work. A few pics can be found in our blog.