We thought we’d post a few very simple tips for beginners when it comes to filling & preparing your plant pot.

When  filling pots with coconut coir don’t compress the coconut coir around the roots.  Coconut coir is very spongy and will compress easily so give it some space to breathe. If you compress the coconut coir, this will eliminate much of the air space that coconut coir naturally provides. California Substrates Coconut Coir has both awesome air fill porosity & water holding capacity – this means, that when it sits in the pot as defined here, you can feed & feed & feed your roots and it won’t get water logged like many other coconut coir products. You can read a little more about this in another blog post “Maximum Feeding Routine with California Substrates Coir”.

So simply put, fill your pot loosely to the top and then lift the pot about 2 inches off the surface it is setting on and drop it.  This will settle the coir into the pot.  (You can do the dropping twice if you feel the need to.)  Refill the pot and then plant.  Then water thoroughly, this will settle the coir closely around the root system & then you can get on with your feeding schedule.