We find a great way to naturally determine how your plants are responding is to take a direct look at the root system of your plant. On the basis that you are not using a smart pot you should be able to see a strong formation of the roots within a few days – top to bottom & side to side.

The essential core goal of your growing media is to supply a place for the roots of your plant to stabilize themselves.  Physical  support.  The root system only needs to be big enough to supply the amount of water and nutrient the stems and leaves need.  If you can give more water and nutrient you don’t need a large root system.  This is where Cali Substrates shines.  With the proper water and feed regime you could grow a very large plant in a 1 gallon pot.  It is not how only much water and nutrient that you give the plant but when.  To much at one time can waste water and nutrient plus the possibility of being to wet and cutting off the oxygen from the roots.  A good growing media will allow you to water as much as you want when you want and not hurt the root system – California Substrates Coco was designed, treated & perfected to ensure you the best possible root growth for your plants.

We prompt you to check out the root zone every now and then – it really can be pretty damn impressive if your doing it right.