We are happy to announce that after one year since we launched California Substrates to Southern California, growers can now access The New Benchmark in Coco Coir nationwide through Tradewinds Wholesale Garden Supplies. For all enquiries please contact Tradewinds @ (888) 557-8896

Our mission at California Substrates is to provide growers with the very best grow media for their operation. We do not add any gimmicks to our Coco Coir, such as Calcium Nitrate, to solve the challenge of high sodium & potassium levels naturally found in Coco Coir. Instead, we created a proprietary buffering process using earth friendly compounds, eliminating the need for coco specific nutes.

Experience The New Benchmark in Coco Coir:

Unique buffering process

Feed your plants, not your coco! Due to our unique buffering process, growers can use any hydroponic nutrients. No coco specific nutes are required.

pH Perfect & Super Low EC

Our coco is double washed to ensure it has a low EC and is pH perfect for hydroponics.

100% Coco. No Amendments Necessary

We remove the fine coco dust so you can feed your plants several times a day.

Easy Transition for Rockwool Growers

If you currently grow in rockwool, you can switch to California Substrates Coco without changing your recipe or feeding routine.

Increased Yields

With no shock during transplanting and the ability to feed your plants more of what they need, growers can expect to see a clear increase in yields.

For all enquiries please contact Tradewinds @ (888) 557-8896.