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Clone Directly into California Substrates Coco

Another unique benefit of using California Substrates Coco is the fact that you can root clones directly into the coco as it comes in the bag with literally no shock. There are numerous advantages to cloning directly in your coco; whether it's eliminating the need for problematic humidity domes or; increasing productivity by ending transplanting [...]

Clone Directly into California Substrates Coco2017-05-18T15:18:13-07:00

Welcome to California Substrates – A Passionate Family Run Business Changing the Game in Coco Grow Media

Greetings growers across North America. Welcome to California Substrates, the New Benchmark in Coco Coir. California Substrates was born out of the desire to provide growers with the very best in Coco Coir grow media. Whilst we are relatively new to the North American retail market, we are not new to growing. We’ve worked with [...]

Welcome to California Substrates – A Passionate Family Run Business Changing the Game in Coco Grow Media2017-05-18T15:09:05-07:00

Maximum Yield: Understanding EC, TDS & PPM

When talking with growers we often hear the terms EC, TDS and ppm used in relation to feeding regimes. With Coco Coir, growers & retailers often ask us what the EC is?

Maximum Yield: Understanding EC, TDS & PPM2017-05-18T15:09:05-07:00

Automation – Short & Frequent Watering

The philosophy driving the thinking on this method of watering is to provide the optimum environment for the root system for the maximum amount of time each day. Trying to balance the air-water relationship and the nutrient level along with the nutrient balance so that the root system and the plant have as healthy environment [...]

Automation – Short & Frequent Watering2015-11-14T14:54:47-07:00

Maximum Yield April – Buffering up

We've published our first editorial with the Maximum Yield team which aims to offer growers who really care about their grow media some insights into the fact that different Coco products really are different :) You can read below & check it on the Maximum Yield site or pick up an issue at your local [...]

Maximum Yield April – Buffering up2017-05-18T15:09:05-07:00

Root Rot

There are a number of pathogens that are blamed for root rot - Pythium and Phytophthora being two of the primary. Root rot happens when your roots are under stress & they are weakened allowing the pathogens to attack them – much like the human body. Often the stress is caused by over-watering, leading people [...]

Root Rot2015-03-03T21:37:52-07:00

High Times – Pot Size

First of all, we love Hightimes Magazine - quality content & advice. We enjoyed this article by High Times "Bigger Plants, Better yields", as it has some good information and will help many growers think about how they plan their growing operation and then how to work their plan.  We did want to add some [...]

High Times – Pot Size2017-05-18T15:09:05-07:00

Reusing Coco

We’ve been asked many times whether coconut coir can be used for a second crop. The first question that comes to mind is ‘How clean is your growing operation?’ California Substrates Coconut Coir can happily be used a second time or even a third because it has amazing natural capability, air fill porosity and holds [...]

Reusing Coco2016-10-18T13:14:50-07:00

Monitoring your Grow

Most growers, both amateur, professional & commercial often fail when it comes to monitoring & tracking data. Why is this so? Do you monitor your bank account? In the digital age, we monitor everything for performance reasons - it gives us the ability to improve & in grower terms, this means bigger & better yields. [...]

Monitoring your Grow2018-06-07T11:15:36-07:00

Meet our Agronomist

Meet Mark Wittman, Partner & Agronomist. Mark is by far the most skilled in our California Substrates family. when it comes to Coconut Coir. Wisdom, knowledge & experience are the traits one finds in Mark when discussing growing of any type. He has over 30 years growing experience. He's been involved with Coconut Coir since [...]

Meet our Agronomist2017-05-18T15:09:05-07:00